_a__2173Montescudaio is a small town of about 1,900 inhabitants in Val di Cecina in the south of the province of Pisa, bordering the province of Livorno and 15 minutes from the Tyrrhenian coast. A delightful position for both the land and the countryside as it is also for the beauty of its historical centre which is listed as one of “The Most Beautiful villages in Italy”

Its past then is quite prestigious as the link with history is strongly entwined with viticulture as shown on “The urn of Montescudaio”, an Etruscan urn which depicts a funeral feast and a crater used for mixing wine and water. Vines and olives have always been the main cultures of the area, a combination that holds fast even today, with the establishment of DOC (registered designation of origin) in 1976 where the product specification establishes the extension of vineyards suited to high quality wines: Casale Marittimo, CastellinaMarittima, Guardistallo, Montecatini Val di Cecina,
Montescudaio, Riparbella and Santa Luce. There are three types of wine (red, white and reserve), while the authorized grape varieties are Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Vermentino. The main role is played by Sangiovese which is at least 50% in the grape mix of “Montescudaio Rosso”; a standard that distinguishes it from specifications taken by other nearby Tuscan coastal areas, resulting in a substantial equality between the Tuscan native vine by definition and those of French origin that have found a second home in these parts of the region.

Wine Consortium Montescudaio DOC

It is an area suited to vineyards since Etruscan times and is the common theme which binds all the businesses in the Consortium Montescudaio. Jewel vines encrusted in a Tuscan landscape influenced by the sea. The Consortium has played an important role and consolidated greatly over the years, reaching important targets and marking the name of this area on the international scene thanks to top-quality products. The designation is more vibrant than ever, emphasizing even more the desire to talk about Montescudaio and its area outside the local and regional framework.