lagoSituated in the hills that are part of the municipality of Casale Marittimo, the lake is fed by the river that flows from the source Acqua Calda, close to the ruins of the old acqueduct. The River Linaglia flows out of the lake and runs its course past most of the vineyards that lead to the Farmhouse Poggio Gagliardo. It is almost an exhaustible source of water for the needs of the farm such as irrigation for crops like corn or sunflower and as emergency irrigation for the vineyards in years when it has been particularly dry.
In fact, from the lake there is an underground pipeline that stretches for several kilometres and at strategic points there are hydrants for irrigation. We especially recommend excursions (cycling or walking) towards the lake. It is an opportunity to admire the vineyards of the farmhouse and especially, in spring or autumn, enjoy the beauty of the woods.