_a__2224“The weather is cooling and the sea is rippling, everything tells me that winter has arrived for me, and I must, without delay, harvest my olives and offer my virgin oil on the altar of our good Father.”
Frédéric Mistral

The area of the farm taken up with olive groves is about 5%. There are 1200 olive trees that are grown in a polyconic vase system in two specialized olive groves near the upper and lower Linaglia farms. In addition, there is a younger olive grove that was planted a few years ago within the municipality of Casale Marittimo. Other olive trees, in mixed cropping, alternate with rows of vines or on the sides of the arable land and give character to the landscape typical to the Tuscan countryside. The varieties grown are the classics of Tuscan olive cultivation: Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo and Lazzero.