_A__2349The land surrounding the Farmhouse Poggio Gagliardo is situated in the foothills that straddle the municipalities of  Montescudaio, Guardistallo and Casale Marittimo in the provinces of Pisa, Cecina and Livorno, and covers an area of about 400 hectares. 

Other land has recently been purchased in the valley floor at La Melatina in the municipality of Riparbella and at Paratino in the municipality of Cecina.

Our area, with regards to the local weather conditions, is strongly affected by the proximity of the sea. During the growing season of the vines (April – October) the average temperatures are quite high, with rainfall mainly concentrated in the first period of April-May, followed by hot and windy summers. Therefore, our vineyards enjoy a good supply of water in the growing stage of the berries and the warmth during the month of September which both favor the last stage of maturation where not only a good level of sugars is accumulated but also a synthesis of aromatic substances.
The landscape of the soil and nature is quite varied. The initial core of the vineyards that dates back to the early seventies when DOC Montescudaio was still not in operation, is planted in the upper part of the farm. It has a medium-textured clay soil, pH neutral and stony. Thus, this vineyard has already reached its balance between vegetation and production, leading to a production yield that is not high but of exceptional quality. Our more recent vineyards that are situated on the valley slopes leading down to the River Linaglia, have looser soils with excellent exposure and good night-day thermal fluctuations.